Love Note to Self

Glorious Mess


Because you are a mess. And we know this. 

But besides the mess, you’re also wonderful. You have something in you that’s meant to be more than anything you settled for. So stop doing that – stop settling. 

There will always be bills and responsibilities and life to get in your way, and the excuses you have folded up in your back pocket will always be there. It’s going to take a hell of a lot longer than you think to get there –  but when you do, this daily grind will be a ritual of joy.

Remember to

Take time for yourself. And I don’t mean binging New Girl on Netflix. Make time for reading. Try new things. Be creative. Allow yourself to be alone with your thoughts.

Make personal development a priority. Don’t stop listening to podcasts. Keep adding to the list of quotes & affirmations that you love. You are constantly changing; don’t let your mind live in stagnancy.

Eat a vegetable once in a while. You’re nothing without the body that supports you. Fuel it, don’t feed it. A protein shake is still better than a handful of cookies. 

Do something. Do anything. If you have to bake a loaf of bread to feel accomplished – do it. Make yourself feel a sense of accomplishment every day.

Embrace that mess. You have moments of insecurity, envy, hopelessness, fear, imposter. Honour those feelings by acknowledging them – sleep them off if you have to – but always come back to yourself knowing that you are abundant, and deserving, and loved.





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