Canva for Beginners – Video Tutorial


As an entrepreneur, I need quick, clean social media posts to market my business with — as a graphic designer, it’s a snap for me to hop into Adobe Illustrator and whip something up! But what if you’re a business owner who doesn’t have that skillset? Of course, I’d be happy to put together a package for you – and I’ll always recommend going with a pro first – but I’m also happy to share the love and spread the knowledge I have of Canva.

Canva is a website that allows you to create anything from social media posts to business cards, flyers, brochures etc. It’s user-friendly and has many free options that can help you achieve a professional, high-quality design.

In this video,  I outline how to use the templates provided by Canva to create a Social Media post. For a beginner, I believe the templates give you some great inspiration, and a good outline to start with. You can simply take one of the existing designs & tweak it to your liking.

I also talk a little bit about my favourite stock website, Pexels. This site is brimming with free photos for both personal and commercial use!

Beginner’s Guide to Canva

…and just in case you were wondering… No! There are no affiliate links in this post! These are just a couple free resources that I love. 🙂

What resources do you use for creating social media posts? Leave me a comment!

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