The Elk – Watercolour Painting

Oh my goodness! November is bringing a whirlwind of projects, events & things to do! Annie Warholm Design Co. has officially launched, (woohooo!) and I’m working on building relationships, marketing my business through social media, planning & creating content, and managing my own personal projects! Like this one:

The Elk

This holiday season, I joined a group of men and women who are looking to bring a little Christmas Cheer to families at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary. A couple of friends and I picked a family of 4 to make a “Bright Basket” for. My contribution was a little bit of money (to go toward toys for the kids,) and a little of my time to create something meaningful for the family.

This particular piece is filled with symbolism — the Elk, signifying strength, stamina & community. Gladiolus for strength; peony for healing & prosperity. Once framed, I’ll attach a little card with this symbolism to the back of the painting.

I can’t wait to see this beauty framed! I’ll post an update once I’ve got some good photos. 😉


Comment what YOUR plans are this Christmas season!

The Elk

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