5 Social Media Posting Mistakes


Social Media is an important part of having, maintaining and growing your potential sales market. Here are 5 mistakes you may be making, and what you can do to fix them!

1.) The “Oops!”: Posting blurry, pixelated images

In my opinion, nothing cheapens the look of a brand quite like blurry, stretched, or pixelated images. But I get it. You see that quote on Pinterest that fits in with your biz so well. A quick save as, (or even worse – a copy and paste into Microsoft paint!) and it’s yours to share! It’s totally the DIY era – but for your business – a pixelated image is akin to a Pinterest fail.

The Fix: Hire a pro

Get in touch with a Graphic Designer who knows how to keep your social media posts on-brand. I offer custom social media services that fit your budget & needs. Hiring a pro ensures your images are crisp & clean!

The Fix: Create your own

With free, user-friendly sites like Canva, creating high quality, beautiful images (that are customizable to the colours of your brand identity) has never been easier. Stay tuned to the blog for an upcoming video tutorial on my process for using this website & a basic how-to!

2.) The “Oops!”: Posting too often/Not posting enough

It’s one of those fine balance things. Posting 10 times a day? Your followers may get tired of your posts in their feed. Posting once a month? You’re missing out on soooooo many opportunities to connect with your market, i.e. customers!!

The Fix: Schedule your posts

Dedicate one day a month to creating and scheduling your social media posts for the next 30 days (or more!) Luckily, you can schedule all of your posts right through Facebook itself,  but if you happen to be on multiple platforms like Instagram & Twitter, there are websites like Buffer who manage them all in one. 

3.) The “Oops!”: Sharing just one type of post

If your social media content consists of clicking that “share” button every so often on someone else’s post, you may not be connecting with your audience – and in turn, projecting your brand – the way you’d like.

The Fix: Mix it up

 Text, links, images, videos – mix up your posts! Need content ideas? Subscribe to my email list below to get at least a month of Social Media Content Ideas for your business.

4.) The “Oops!”: Not engaging with your audience

You’re having a coffee date with a friend. You show her photos of what you ate last night, a picture of your cat and an inspirational quote. Imagine how alienating the conversation would feel for her if you didn’t answer her questions, or ignored her when she made comments. Building connections with your audience through the comments section is just as important as posting to begin with! Also, remember that with many social media platforms, (and their lovely algorithms) engagement boosts engagement! The more active you are with your audience, the more people will see your posts.

5.) The “Oops!”: Not engaging with other pages

By sticking to just a small pool of followers, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on important connections! Even if 1 out of 1000 of those connections leads to a sale, there are so many more who’ve seen your page, know about your business, and are potential future-clients and word-of-mouth advertisers.

The Fix, #’s 4 & 5: Schedule time for social media

It’s easy to say “just interact more”, but I’ve personally found my biggest challenge to be time. So I recommend making that time. If you’ve scheduled your posts to go live in the morning, set aside some time in the afternoon to be active in the comments section. Whether it be liking and replying to comments on your own page, or engaging with the world around you, scheduling time in your day for social media ensures you are consistently making connections with your audience.

So there you have it! What are your thoughts? Post a comment about the Social Media mistakes you’ve made & the solutions you’ve come up with!


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