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Hello World!

I’m Annie. Welcome to my website, Annie Warholm Design Co., and thanks for reading my blog! Any good blog ought to start with an origin story, so here’s a few things about mine.

I grew up, in Calgary, Alberta, in a close family of highly creative people. I loved to create from a young age,  but have always considered myself to be a bit of a “dabbler”. I enjoy many forms of art: watercolour painting, sewing, quilting, digital illustration, graphic design, printmaking and photography. The list goes on, but that’s what makes my work special. I have so many different creative experiences to incorporate into my design style – I can’t wait to show you!

My career aptitude tests in high school told me I should be a graphic designer – even 14 years ago, I knew this is was what I was meant for. Twists & turns in the road of life took me elsewhere in my early twenties, but my passion truly lead to my purpose, and here I am now!

I still live in Calgary with my incredible husband Ryan, our energetic 4-year-old Ruby, and our a sweet, lazy pitbull named Milly. We are homebodies who love food, (seriously love food) cool weather, and game nights!

My ultimate goal for this blog is to display ongoing & finished projects associated with my business, share the things I’m loving right now, provide tips & tricks related to branding & design, and maybe even throw in some giveaways! (Stay tuned!)

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment about something YOU want to see on the blog, and don’t forget to subscribe!


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